Thermal Security Cameras

Our main clients are, defense, police, civil defense, power plants, factories, medical,

security sectors and much more.
Specification of camera

Thermal sensor Uncooled micro-bolometer, a-Si
IR Spectrum 8 – 14 um
Thermal sensitivity(NETD:) <50 mK @f1.0 30Hz 300K
Pixels: 384 x 288 pixels
Pixels pitch: 17 um
Time to image: < 5 sec.
Lens, focal length and focus range 8.13mm f1.16/1.5 m to infinity
Type of lens: Athermalized lens(Focus remain unchanged in long use)
Field of view: 47.4° (H) x 35.1° (V) x 35.1°x 60.6°(Diagonal)
Defrosting Round belt heater(built-in)
Protection: Ge window Germanium window(2t, Ø32mm)/DLC+AR coating
Output(External ECU)
Video: 2 CVBS simultaneous output(NTSC/PAL), 1 HDMI
Connector type: Video output BNC, 4-pin connector(Power supply and Video output)
Frame Rate: 30 fps
Power: Input Power requirements 12 /24 VDC
Environment: Operating temperature -30°C to +70°C
Impact & water-protection: ES95400(Test specification of Hyundai Motors Co., Ltd.)
EMI/EMC ES96200(Test specification of Hyundai Motors Co., Ltd.)